In praise of the weekend bag

In praise of the weekend bag

At its heart, a bag is basically a functional item used for transporting your belongings from A to B. But, as we know, there is a lot more to it than that, otherwise we'd all be heading out carrying our things in plastic supermarket bags, which, lets face it, is not a great look. So, what we essentially come to look for is a bag that meets our practical requirements, and says something about both us and its purpose as an object. Enter the weekend bag...

In an age of easy options and convenience you might well be tempted to opt for a small suitcase with wheels, that can be pulled along behind you. Sure, it makes sense, but what does it say? I'm pragmatic, in a hurry and probably off to a sales conference about laser printers. Not so the weekend bag - a bag whose very name evokes road trips, cross-country train journeys and checking into hotels with 24 hour room service and a well stocked bar. 

To choose to carry a weekend bag when leaving home for a few days says something about your attitude to travel. It conveys intention, a belief that the journey is as important as the destination and that travel itself is a pursuit worth valuing in a world where getting somewhere in the quickest possible time is the goal. You set yourself apart, a conscious decision to shun what might be considered more staid choices in favour of a wholly more aesthetic option. Travel means something. 

If we're honest too, a well chosen overcoat, a good pair of boots and a great weekend bag cut a far better silhouette. A classic weekend bag, carried by hand just feels right, and over time becomes a part of your own story, likely to accompany you on your most memorable of trips; the interesting weekends when impromptu adventures take place.

Good build from quality leather that can handle those adventures and plenty of room for all your essentials mean you've covertly covered the practical angles, and should of course you ever decide that you're heading to your destination by prop plane or speedboat, your captain will no doubt appreciate your appropriate choice of softer bag...


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