Choosing the right briefcase

Choosing the right briefcase

Chances are if your father worked in an office when you were growing up you'll remember his briefcase. It was likely hard leather with hinges and mysterious gold or silver locks and it practically shouted formality. These days, those type of cases are seen as somewhat dated, carried only on budget day or in courtroom dramas. With our work and leisure time now far more fluid, what we want in the 21st century is a bag that fits a wider range of uses and in most cases is designed to carry your most important daily item - your laptop, while still conveying professionalism. 

Carried by hand a good leather soft briefcase has the attributes of its forebearer, formal, smart and business-like, but the with added kudos and cool of contemporary design. On the shoulder it takes on a more casual look, and works well with relaxed attire. Across the body with a closer strap fit it's ideal for bike commutes to work or busy streets

There's plenty to consider when making a purchase too; ideally a leather soft briefcase should come in a colour thats going to work with a range of looks, from suits to jeans. Classic colours like black, tan or dark brown are always a good bet and won't date. It will need to be made from quality leather that will still look great after years of daily use. You'll want space inside for the bulkier items and your laptop, pockets for smaller things and an internal zipped pocket for securing your valuables on the commute. 

The next question you need to ask yourself is exactly what you want to spend on a leather soft briefcase or leather laptop bag. In a marketplace where bags with similar function can range widely in price, it's a cost-benefit decision, but certainly when it comes to a good briefcase its wise to look at it as an investment. At the very upper end of the market you'll be paying for name and undoubtedly a very heavily built in mark-up, which does not necessarily reflect the materials, at the lower end, cheap materials and a basic item. Find the balance of fair price and quality materials and you have yourself a great purchase. 

In a market place where its easy to be overwhelmed by choice we've cut right to the chase with our leather soft briefcases. We've created a set of bags that will enhance your own personal aesthetic. Designed with contemporary good looks, but just the right amount of classic charm, they're the perfect balance of form and function. Crafted from premium grained cow hide, they're understated but still turn heads and they'll always make the right impression, from casual meetings to boardroom pitches. As the iconic Don Draper rightly said, "Make it simple, but significant".

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